Motorized shades

Many of our customers are turning to motorized shades for their window treatments. The majority of our products can be motorized, and battery-operated controls are making motorization mainstream. It’s convenient and aesthetically pleasing, eliminating the need for cords. It’s also practical if your windows are hard to reach. Hunter Douglas’ motorized products come with a stylish pebble that adds to your decor while functioning as a remote control. It can also be mounted on your wall.

An optional hub can be included with all of our motorized products. Hunter Douglas’ PowerView® system is a leader in the industry. The hub allows you to control your shade from a smartphone or tablet. You can preset your shades to open or close at a specific time of day — you can even control them when you’re away from your home. Pair your hub with Alexa, Google Home or other voice assistants to open and close your shades by voice command.